Watching the Yankees play a tight game against the Twins

Posted by Zach on April 16, 2023

Gerrit Cole is pitching a gem through 6 innings, it's a breezy 82 degrees here in Alexandria and I've had a few beers and nachos while watching the game. Basically my idea of a perfect afternoon. I've only had time to watch the Yankees this season, usually I spread it out a bit early in the season to try to get a feel for the rest of the league. But I'm thinking that this season it won't make as much sense to do that since the rules have changed so that teams don't play as much inside of their divison.

That means it will be much more difficult to simply beat up on your weak division and get to the playoffs, everyone will play everyone.

Back to the game though, the Twins have a competitive team this season and Gary Sanchez is nowhere to be found (I'll have to look him up later to see where he landed) Edit: He's in the Giants minor league system😱 they have great speed and good power, defense, and pitching, so a team that can be a trouble when they are putting everything together.

Update: The Yankees won 2-0, Gerrit Cole with the complete game shutout ⚾⚾⚾ great game.