I finally figured out why images weren't working in my Orchard blog

Posted by Zach on April 18, 2023

This is just another one of those little notes to myself about something that is certainly going to happen again and I'm definitely not going to remember how I fixed it, so here we go.

A while back I noticed that I could no longer choose a background image for my blog posts, there's usually an image picker in the blog creation widget, and it was just gone. I thought that I must have uploaded the wrong version of the sites source code, but I couldn't find any recent changes and it was really stumping me. Finally I realized that all of this stuff is controlled inside of the admin panel of the orchard blog. The reason the image picker wasn't showing was because I had somehow removed it from the model, which may have happened when I tried to roll back some changes a couple of years ago.

I ended up having to edit the Content Type for Blog Post which is located here abouts: /ContentTypes/Edit/BlogPost and then I add to add a new Field not a new Part, and that's it. So I'm pretty excited to re-learn that, it means I can start making more custom pages in my blog.