The Presidential Election

What a nightmare.

Posted by Zach on November 06, 2020

I somehow managed to not write about the Trump vs Biden showdown (or really much about this wild election season at all, so I guess that's too bad) but it's finally come down to it, election day was a couple of days ago and it looks like Biden is about to clinch it, but Trump is throwing a tantrum and saying that the mail in votes that are coming in late and sealing Biden's victory are "illegal" I should note here for the record that they aren't illegal and it looks very much like Trump is going to lose.

He won a lot of states for a guy who completely bungled the worst health and economic crisis of a generation, probably multiple generations. He also appears to be completely stupid. The only good thing I have to say about Trump is that he didn't start any new wars. I guess that's why he won as much as he did. Despite all of the media noise during his presidency, my life wasn't personally that bad. The rise in racial tensions negatively affect me, obviously, but I don't think Trump made the country more racist, I think the democrats calling people Nazi's probably did though.

There's no…space for conversation or disagreement anymore, it has now become sort of fashionable to disown relatives who are conservatives (they don't feel that way on their side by the way) and how are you supposed to have a conversation with someone if you're going to start from, "well if you vote for Trump you're a racist Nazi."?

Is half the country racist Nazi's?


Who knows. We do know the Nazi's are on the side of the republicans, and that Trump, for whatever reason, refuses to repudiate them. But I'm trying to imagine how I would feel if Nazi's backed my guy, and asides from the fact that I know that Bernie would say, sternly, "There is no place for that kind of ideology in our political discourse", if they still backed him, I'd still vote for Sanders anyway. So I guess that's sort of the calculation that folks are making.

We also can't ignore the anti-establishment vote, everyone who still wants to say "fuck you" to the status quo, and can ignore all of the negatives about Trump, those votes have nowhere to go but to Trump.

Personally, I held my nose and voted for Biden, for what it's worth, I'm in blue Virginia so I could have voted for Kanye, but I just couldn't take any chances this time.

So, as I said to start, it looks like Biden is about to win, but I don't think that's really important…

Because Trump doesn't have to leave office until January, and he's not indicated in any way that he has conceded the election, or that he intends to do so. I'm very worried about what happens next. I'm worried about what the Proud Boys and the Boogaloo whatever's are going to do once Trump gets forced out of the White House, not in the next few days, but over the next four years. I worry about how many people are going to die from Covid-19, no matter who wins, way more people are infected now than when we originally shut down the country, and we're not shutting down anything anymore, not officially anyway.

The economy is going to continue to lurch along under the strains of the virus, the K shaped recovery will continue, and countless people will be sacrificed or permanently maimed at the alter of capitalism, hopefully we get a vaccine soon, or maybe enough people will become infected for heard immunity to kick in, but either way, we're in for a long, dark, winter.